33.17VAT Included

33.17VAT Included


33.17VAT Included

33.17VAT Included
  • Polishing product

Crystallizing powder for marble and grit

Polishing powder for marble, grits and terrazzo. Restores shine to corroded and worn surfaces, without creating films. In addition, it retains the natural appearance of the material.

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Characteristics and use:

KW-STAR is a polishing powder for all types of marble, also hard and with impurities, grits and other cement agglomerates.


  • is ideal for recovering shiny, opaque surfaces from wear and corrosive substances;
  • is used to restore shine to wall coverings, kitchen tops, bathroom tops and marble flooring, grit and terrazzo;
  • is a micro-abrasive polishing powder product that works thanks to the mechanical action: the greater the mechanical action, the higher the gloss;
  • does not create films and does not change the natural appearance of the material;
  • can be reapplied for small touches if necessary;
  • makes the surfaces not very permeable to water and dirt, facilitating ordinary cleaning.

How to use

On heavily corroded and worn surfaces, it is advisable to first switch to DISCO PRELUX or PAD PRELUX material, in order to remove the micro-scratches and pre-smooth the surface.

Recommended use for floors:

  • Monobrush: pour 20-60 gr of KW-STAR powder on the surface, place the WHITE DISC and spray the water in the area surrounding the disc during scrubbing, until the appearance of a white paste. Proceed by working the product on a few square meters at a time for a few minutes. Add water to the powder to maintain the creaminess of the product. Do not let the paste dry on the surface. Once the polishing process is finished, remove the residues with liquid vacuums, sponges or soft cloths. After polishing the entire surface, rinse with UNIPUL detergent, diluting 50 ml in one litre of water, in order to degrease the surface. Repeat the procedure described above with a single brush for a few square meters at a time.

Recommended use for kitchen countertops, bathroom tops and vertical surfaces:

  • With wool drill and cap: wet the surface to be polished with water, pour a few grams of KW-STAR powder under the backing pad and rub the surface firmly by pressing the pad for a few minutes, until a white mush forms. Remove the residue with water and microfiber cloth and leave to dry. After polishing the entire surface, rinse with UNIPUL detergent, diluting 50 ml in one litre of water, in order to degrease the surface. Repeat the procedure described above with a drill for a few square centimeters at a time.

Surfaces recovered with KW-STAR can be protected with the GUARD stain-resistant product.


  • depending on the porosity and nature of the material to be polished and the number of applications. Normally 1 kg / 30-40 m².


  • UNIPUL Concentrated pH neutral detergent for the ordinary cleaning of stones and agglomerates;
  • GUARD Water-based stain protection for shiny and compact stone materials;
  • ACTIV3 Protective water repellent stain for stone materials even shiny and compact.



Can I apply KW-STAR manually?

The product works by mechanical action, more force is imprinted, more polished. Therefore, it is recommended to apply it with a drill equipped with a backing pad.

KW-STAR polishes marble and raw grits?

No, the product restores shine to marble or grit surfaces deteriorated or slightly corroded by household substances, but already born shiny.

Removes micro-scratches and restores uniform shine to the material?




Hazard statements: Harmful if swallowed.

Precautionary statements: Wash . . . thoroughly after handling. – IF SWALLOWED: Call a POISON CENTER / doctor / . . . / if you feel unwell. – Rinse mouth.


UFI: 2470-X0T1-G00N-JG61


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