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The company RenovoArt, founded in 2019, is the result of the combination of decades of experience and a solid family tradition in the field of restoration and in the realization of works in precious metals and stones. This legacy of knowledge and skills formed the foundation on which the company built its reputation.

In addition to expertise and knowledge of stones, RenovoArt has further specialized in sanding and treatment of internal and external surfaces in various materials, including marble, natural stone, and cotto. This has allowed the company to offer high quality services for the finishing and restoration of surfaces, ensuring impeccable results.

A distinctive aspect of RenovoArt is its ability to use innovative methods and latest generation products for sanding and polishing. This state-of-the-art approach applies not only to traditional stones and materials, but also to the concrete floors of shops, shopping malls and warehouses. The company is committed to ensuring that the surfaces are not only restored but also brought to a state of aesthetic perfection.

Although RenovoArt is based in Tuscany, with a consolidated presence in the areas of Pistoia, Prato, Florence, Lucca and Pisa, the company is ready and available to serve customers throughout the country. This demonstrates the customer-oriented attitude and willingness to meet customer needs wherever they are. In short, RenovoArt offers a high quality service that is based on a long family tradition and constantly expands through innovation and attention to detail.

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    30 August 2021 Best job of the month: polishing the portoro marble
    We tell you how the Renovoart professionals have restored shine to the delicate portoro tiles, which have become very fashionable lately, thanks to the use of Marbec products This time with the work of the month we play at home and take you to the discovery of Pistoia to talk to you about a Portoro marble polishing operation.