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How to restore a 90s cotto floor in Pistoia

22 September 2023

In the heart of the charming province of Pistoia, in July, there was an interesting restoration project that brought to life a cotto floor of the 90s, giving it new vitality and splendor. This ambitious work would not have been possible without the professionalism of the company RenovoArt and the use of Marbec products.

Factors of cotto degradation

The cotto floor is one of the most fascinating features of many historic Italian buildings, and the province of Pistoia is no exception. These floors represent an element of great artistic and cultural value. However, over the years, cotto can lose its original splendor due to wear and deterioration.

The cotto floor is in fact an aesthetic and functinike air max 270 sale oregon football uniforms nike dunk nfl yeezy boost 350 v2 custom hockey jerseys yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace dallas cowboys slippers mens best jordans red and black jordan 1 barry sanders jersey yeezy grigie 350 yeezy shoes under 1000 yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace nike jordan series 06 jordan proto max 720onal element that can be damaged by several causes. It is important to know them in order to take the right precautions and keep the floor in excellent condition over time.

One of the main factors that can deteriorate the cotto floor is wear caused by heavy traffic. The constant and repeated use over time can cause scratches, abrasions and obvious marks on cotto surfaces.

Another common cause of damage to the cotto floor is moisture. Water or moisture that infiltrates the joints or porosities of the material can cause the formation of stains, mold or even cracks in the cotto.

The use of aggressive chemicals for the domestic maintenance of the floor can also contribute to the deterioration of the cotto. Too acidic or abrasive substances can damage the surface, dull it or even corrode it.

Finally, another factor to consider is the lack of regular maintenance. Thorough cleaning and periodic treatment with specific products for cotto are essential to preserve its integrity over time.

The Mastery of Renovoart

Renovoart is known throughout the province of Pistoia for its excellence in the restoration of cotto floors and the preservation of surfaces and has worked with passion and competence to restore the cotto floor to its original glory.

Dewaxing treatment of internal cotto floor

The cotto floor covered by this project presented many imperfections, including stains, scratches and a general opacity due to consumption and poor maintenance over the years. The aim was to restore the original beauty of the cotto without altering its historical and authentic character.

The first step taken by the RenovoArt company was the use of Marbec products for the dewaxing treatment of cotto with SGRISER and VIACEM.

The first was used for the removal of the old treatment and then the stains and surface impurities without damaging the underlying cotto.

The second was used for a deep and delicate cleaning of the cotto, removing the dirt accumulated over the years.

Protective treatment of internal cotto floor

At this point, the artisans of RenovoArt have carried out a protective treatment with TIM, protective for the water-repellent and stain-resistant treatment of absorbent stone materials, for protection from saline effluorescences due to the rising humidity, which often spoil the appearance of the cotto.

Subsequently, the artisans applied PRIMAMANO NEUTRA, primer for the preparation of the surface before the application of the next treatment, ensuring a better adhesion.

Finally, the IDROFIN MATT finisher was used, specifically for the completion of the treatments of cotto, stone and cement placed inside. This protective coating has been used to seal and protect the cotto floor, giving it a matte finish and resistant to daily wear.

The end result was extraordinary. The cotto floor has returned to its original beauty, with a fresh and radiant appearance that reflects its history and authenticity.

Renovoart has proven to be a true magician in the art of restoration, and Marbec products have played a key role in this miraculous transformation.

This success story in Pistoia shows that the combination of Renovoart’s mastery and Marbec’s products can transform even the oldest surfaces into authentic works of art. The cotto floor has returned to shine, and its beauty will be appreciated for many years to come, thanks to the collaboration of Renovoart and the unbeatable quality of Marbec products.

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