18.30VAT Included

18.30VAT Included


18.30VAT Included

18.30VAT Included

Anti-dirt and anti-stain protection for joints

Protective for anti-stain, anti-dirt treatment for cement or synthetic joints. It drastically reduces dirt absorption, facilitating ordinary cleaning.

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Characteristics and use:

FUGA PROTETTA is a stain-resistant, dirt-resistant protective material specifically for the treatment of floor joints and wall. 


  • is a water-based product, odourless, not dangerous and easy to use;
  • can be applied on both internal and external surfaces;
  • is a stain protection specific for cement and synthetic joints, which eliminates and drastically reduces the absorption capacity of liquid and fatty substances;
  • does not form superficial films, is invisible and does not alter the appearance of the material and the color tone over time;
  • when used outdoors it gives a strong stain-resistant and self-cleaning protection with rains with a high chemical inertia and resistance to atmospheric agents and trampling;
  • is easily re-applied if necessary.

How to use

  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply FUGA PROTETTA only on perfectly clean and dry surfaces.
  • Spray small amounts of product on the surface and distribute evenly with soft cloth.
  • The surface dries in about 10/15 minutes and is walkable.
  • Achieves maximum stain protection after about 12 hours.
  • During this time avoid washing the surface with water.


  • approximately 750ml / 30 – 50 m².


  • PULI FUGHE Degreasing detergent specific for the extraordinary cleaning of the blackened joints by dirt and grease;
  • FUGABAGNO Special descaling detergent for the extraordinary cleaning of yellowed and blackened joints due to calcareous water.


The product is not classified as hazardous pursuant to the provisions set forth in EC Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP) (and subsequent amendments and supplements).

VOC (Directive 2004/42/EC): Primer.
VOC expressed in g/litre of product ready for use: 0,00. – Maximum limit: 30,00


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