Marbec and Australia Stone Care: A successful collaboration

31 July 2023

This time we are here to tell you that Marbec, a leading manufacturer of products for the treatment of building surfaces, has established a successful partnership with Australia Stone Care, a renowned company specialized in the installation and distribution of coating materials.

This strategic partnership, signed about two years ago, has led to significant growth for both companies, offering benefits to both professionals and end consumers.

bandiere italia e australia

A successful partnership for the distribution of Marbec products in Australia

The collaboration agreement between Marbec and Australia Stone Care was signed with the main objective of creating a sales network in Australia for the distribution of Marbec products. Thanks to this partnership, professional operators and end consumers in Australia can now access Italian technology in Marbec products for the treatment and preservation of stones, ceramics and other coating materials.

Australia Stone Care has recognised the quality and effectiveness of Marbec products in the treatment of stone covering materials and has decided to include them in its catalogue. This choice was driven by the desire to offer its customers the best solutions available on the market. Thanks to the partnership with Marbec, Australia Stone Care is able to supply high quality chemicals that guarantee the durability and beauty of the coating materials.

The adoption of Marbec products in the Melbourne metro

A significant achievement of the partnership between Marbec and Australia Stone Care has been the adoption of Marbec products for the treatment of facing stones used in the Melbourne subway. Melbourne Metro is one of the most important and popular public transport networks in Australia, and the choice of Marbec products for the protection and maintenance of stone coverings has been fundamental for the durability and beauty of its stone coverings.

Persone entrano nei cancelli della metropolitana di melbourne, australia
Over the past year, Marbec products have been chosen for the treatment of Melbourne Metro facing stones.

Benefits for both companies

The collaboration between Marbec and Australia Stone Care has brought significant benefits to both companies. Australia Stone Care has expanded its product offering to include Marbec’s premium chemicals in its catalogue.

On the other hand, Marbec gained privileged access to the Australian market through Australia’s Stone Care sales network, paving the way for new business opportunities. This success is a testament to the high quality and reliability of Marbec products, which continue to earn the trust of industry professionals and end consumers worldwide.

Future prospects and commitment to innovation

Looking to the future, the collaboration between Marbec and Australia Stone Care will continue to grow and thrive. Both companies are committed to offering innovative solutions for the treatment and protection of coating materials. The quality, effectiveness and reliability of the products are at the heart of the commitment of both companies.

With the support of Australia Stone Care, Marbec is ready to further expand its presence in the Australian market. The goal is to meet the needs of customers with increasingly advanced and customized solutions.

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