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How to Clean an Eco-leather Sofa: Effective Methods

12 September 2023

What could be more pleasant at the end of a hectic, long and tiring day than relaxing on the soft comfort of our beloved sofa? No doubt, the company of our sofa is one of the most waited things of every day. How many times, honestly, do we think about this moment of relax during the day?

The sofa is really one of our best friends in the evening, and when we accompany it with a warm blanket and our favorite TV series, everything looks magically perfect. Therefore, taking care of this welcoming friend has become crucial, and that is precisely what we will talk about today. We will discover some simple tricks on how to keep our eco-leather sofa clean.

Eco-leather: an elegant and sustainable solution for your living room

The eco-leather sofa is a popular choice for those who want a sustainable upholstery option that mimics the look of traditional leather. Eco-leather, also known as synthetic leather or imitation leather, is made using artificial materials such as polyurethane or PVC.

There are several advantages to choosing an eco-leather sofa. First, it is an ethical and eco-friendly choice since it does not require the use of animal skins. Animal skin production requires chemical processes and water in large quantities, while eco-leather production can be more environmentally sustainable. This means that this material does not contribute to deforestation or intensive breeding of animals for leather goods purposes.

The use of eco-leather is spreading in different industrial sectors, such as fashion and interior design. The brands that choose to use this material demonstrate a concrete commitment to environmental sustainability and respond to the growing demands of consumers who are oriented towards cruelty-free products.

Finally, the eco-leather offers a wide range of design options and colors, allowing you to find the perfect sofa for any decor style.

How to remove stains from an eco-leather sofa

Undoubtedly, the sofa is an emblem of comfort and hospitality in the home, but to keep it that way, it is essential to ensure proper cleaning. When was the last time you cleaned your couch? We must remember that, especially leather sofas, they can become a real breeding ground for germs.

Stains, dust, food remnants and pen marks can become unwanted guests, thus ruining our relaxing evenings on the couch. To avoid this unpleasant company, there is no choice but to clean the eco-leather sofa with the right techniques.

Clean the eco-leather sofa with natural homemade remedies

If you have an eco-leather sofa that needs cleaning, don’t worry. There are natural and do-it-yourself solutions that can be effective in removing dirt and keeping your sofa in top condition.

To clean the eco-leather sofa, you can use natural ingredients such as white vinegar diluted in warm water. This solution can be gently applied to the sofa surface with a soft cloth or sponge. Be sure to rub gently to avoid damage to synthetic skin.

Another effective home remedy is lemon juice diluted in water, which can help remove the most stubborn stains on the sofa. Just apply the solution on the stains and let it act for a few minutes before buffering with a clean cloth.

In addition, you can also use a mixture of baking soda and water to create a slightly abrasive paste to apply on the most difficult to remove stains. Let the paste act for a few minutes before gently wiping with a damp cloth.

Steam is an additional highly effective option to clean the sofa, eliminating bacteria, mites, mold and deep dirt. Before using steam, be sure to vacuum the sofa to remove surface dirt. Apply the steam on small portions at a time to prevent too much water from entering the sofa’s upholstery.

Cleaning the eco-leather sofa in simple steps

However, “do-it-yourself” remedies are not always effective, especially when stains are stubborn.

The effective cleaning of the eco-leather sofa then requires some key steps to ensure the hygiene and beauty of your furniture. By following these directions, you can remove stains, dust and dirt and blackening effectively and without damaging the material.

The first step is to identify specific products on how to clean eco-leather sofa. Marbec has formulated the right product: it is PULI TEX, a detergent specially formulated to clean and protect fabrics from upholstery such as sofas, carpets, car upholstery, eco-leather that leaves no halos.

Step 1: Remove Surface Residue

Before applying the detergent, be sure to remove any surface residues such as crumbs or dust with a soft cloth.

Step 2: Apply the Pulitex Cleaner

Then spray a small amount of PULI TEX on the eco-leather surface. PULI TEX is a “dirt-eating” product that breaks down the dirt deposited in the porosity of the eco-leather. Let the product act a few minutes.

Step 3: Use the Magic Sponge

With gentle and energetic movements, rub with the MAGIC SPONGE on the surface of the leather sofa, focusing on the most dirty or stained areas. The magic sponge is a micro-abrasive sponge that does not damage the material but can more easily remove the dirt deposited in the porosities. The sponge combines the cleaning action of PULI TEX with the mechanical action of dirt removal. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product packaging for optimal results.

Step 4: Rinse the surface well

Once the cleaning is completed with the specific detergent PULI TEX, rinse well the surface of the sofa in eco-leather with clean water and gently dry with a soft cloth. This will help remove any detergent residue and restore the original look of the sofa.

By following these simple steps and using specific products like PULI TEX, you will enjoy a clean and beautiful eco-leather sofa for a long time. Proper care will ensure that your sofa retains its beauty and comfort over the years.

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