Removing metallic waxes from stone surfaces

This clening system is highly effective and fast-acting universal solution for the de-waxing cleaning of metallized wax treatments. It is designed to completely remove old layers of metallic wax and a wide range of polymers from all types of stone.

Where and when


  • On all types of floorings or wall coverings in natural stone.


  • For floor cleaning and universal, fast-acting wax stripping to remove old layers of metallic wax and various polymers.
Frequency of use:
  • For a one-off de-waxing cleaning of natural stone surfaces.

Performance and consumption


  • is a strong, fast-acting wax stripper for quickly removing old layers of metallic wax and various polymers;
  • has an effective stripping action even at low concentrations;
  • does not require acid neutralisation;
  • has low foaminess;
  • does not release unpleasant odours during use and in the environment.
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Film-stripping de-waxing cleaning

• Spread the product wetting the surface and let it act for 5/10 minutes;
• Proceed on small areas (10-15 sqm).
• Rub the surface with plastic fiber pads or discs;
• Remove the residues of the wax removing process;
• Finally rinse with clean water;
• Repeat the application if necessary.

• 1 lt / 4-8 sqm.