Fast-acting degreasing and dewaxing cleaning of terracotta

This rapid cleaning system is specific for the removal of treatments based on metallic waxes or various polymers from terracotta and clay surfaces. It’s easy to use and leaves no unpleasant odors in the spaces.

Where and when


  • On all types of floorings or wall coverings in clay and terracotta, treated with metallic waxes or polymers.


  • When you want a rapid cleaning and removing of waxes and various polymers from terracotta.
Frequency of use:
  • For a one-off deep cleaning and dewaxing of terracotta or various clays surfaces.

Performance and consumption


  • is a strong, fast-acting wax stripper/remover for quickly removing old layers of metal wax and various polymers;
  • has an effective stripping action even at low concentrations;
  • ideal for de-waxing delicate and acid-sensitive materials such as marble, grit and polished marble tiles;
  • does not require acid neutralisation;
  • has low foaminess;
  • does not release unpleasant odours during use and in the environment.
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De-waxing clening

• Pure: on substantial accumulations of waxes and polymers;
• Diluted a part of METAL-STRIP in 4-8 equal parts of water: for washing where a normal de-waxing action is required;
• Spread the product wetting the surface and let it act 5/10 minutes;
• Proceed to small areas (10-15 sq m). Rub the surface with plastic fiber pads or discs;
• Remove the residues of the deceramento;
• Finally rinse with clean water;
• Repeat the application if necessary.

• 1 lt / 4-8 sqm.

Prodotti e accessori


Quick remover detergent to remove old layers of metallic wax or various polymers. Does not contain caustic soda. Little foamy, odorless.

RED BUFFER PAD MARBEC | Slightly Abrasive

Slightly abrasive sponge specific for the extraordinary cleaning of stone and wood surfaces.

RED DISC MARBEC | Not Very Abrasive

Disc for single brush or scrubber drier with slight abrasion for extraordinary cleaning of hard floors such as cotto, stone, marble, concrete, wood.


Depending on your problem, check again the steps recommended by the technician and select the right products for you! For all your needs, do not hesitate to contact us, either by e-mail or on WhatsApp.

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