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Outdoor floor cleaning seems wasted time?

21 April 2016

A beautiful floor outside in local stone was coated with a layer of mosses and lichens. After each cleaning vegetative layer is reformed. But the one-Point Service of Rosella Campbell and Paul Isidori released permanently the floor from mosses and lichens. Thanks to outdoor floors MARBEC cleaning products.

The stone one of the materials most used in the finishing of squares, parks and gardens. But not only. Thanks to its mechanical characteristics, the leccisu -cos is called in Salento dialect pietra leccese-always used for decorating facades. The look and colors of a city like Lecce are largely determined by the use of this stone. To clean the outdoor floors made of local stone, the one-Point Service has applied MARBEC products designed for cleaning outdoor floors.

What to do with an outdoor floor covered with algae and mosses?

Before answering this question you have to ask yourself: why it forms the vegetative state? The reason you can tell if you look at microscopic features of this exterior floor made of local stone. The stone belongs to the family of Marly limestone. In the classification of geologists, this term tells us that what is now a beautiful floor, was once a sandy seabed. The course of geological eras we’re talking about a scale of millions years–and thanks to the action pressure these grains sand composed limestone and fossilized organisms they are cemented together including piece clay features make it extremely porous: the stone absorbs moisture very easily, both outside and inside. For the same reason, it also becomes a substratum of vegetation ideal. Algae, mosses and lichens wedge in the pores and absorbs the moisture retained in the pores of the stone. This phenomenon over time degrades the stone. Also, from an aesthetic point of view, you lose the beautiful color of the stone. These characteristics of stone have been known for centuries. To increase weather resistance of this stone and make it last longer, stonemasons had a secret. In antiquity there were no chemicals and solutions were handed down from generation to generation. To waterproof the stone or at least reduce the phenomena of capillarit they used to dip the stones into the milk. Lactose, permeates the pores of the stone so as to make it waterproof. Without all, dont take the bottle of milk in the fridge. Today there a way more effective and more clean to clean and protect your floors stone exteriors. Outdoor floor cleaning necessary but not just what it looks like a natural stone floor outside that does not has never been treated? Well, you can see from the photos. A layer of mosses and lichens had fully covered the floor to hide from view the beautiful floor made of local stone. The pale yellow stone had hired a series of dull grey to black shades ranging from rotted, passing for the green alga. Fouling mechanical means in this case serve as little as she knew the owner of this floor before calling forService Point company. Despite the owner cleaned regularly with the cleaner, soon found himself on the floor that nasty layer of algae. How to do it? at this point that the Point Service, with the definitive solution to the problem.

Anti-fouling treatment solution for outdoor flooring

In cases like this the mechanical means like the pressure washer is a temporary solution. Indeed, if they are repeated in danger of ruining the floor for each step removes a thin layer of algae along the floor. The ideal solution to other type and asks to return to traditional remedies. But with modern technology. The one-Point Service you need anti-fouling treatment products of MARBEC to give a long-term solution to the problem of algae growth. Anti-fouling treatment takes place in three stages:

The results of treatment of cleaning this outdoor floor you can see with your own eyes: it doesn’t even look like the same floor isn’t it.

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