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How to block water infiltrations from joints

8 May 2020

Water infiltrations from the joints are a silent and dangerous enemy for the surfaces and floors of our homes. They can cause irreparable damage, both indoors and outdoors, weakening structures, encouraging mold growth and compromising the aesthetics of environments. However, there is an effective way to defend against this threat: the use of a high-quality transparent waterproofing product.

 In this article, we will explore the causes of water infiltration and how Marbec products can help us prevent and protect our porcelain tiles, ceramic, marble, granite, terracotta and stone surfaces.

impermeabilizzante-trasparente transparent waterproofing

Main causes of water infiltration in surfaces 

When water comes out of the floor joints, it is a sign that water infiltration is occurring. These infiltrations can result from different sources and cause structural and aesthetic damage. It is essential to recognize early signs of infiltration, such as the appearance of mold or damp spots, to avoid costly subsequent interventions.

Here are the main causes of water infiltration from the floor:

  • Heavy rainfall: Heavy rainfall can cause stagnation of liquid that seeps through cracks and cracks, causing infiltration by rainwater.
  • Rising humidity: Moisture from the ground can rise through the walls, causing significant damage.
  • Degradation of waterproofing elements: Over time, waterproof barriers can deteriorate, allowing water to penetrate.
  • Lack of insulation: Underground structures without adequate insulation may be particularly vulnerable to water infiltration.
  • Poor waterproofing of components: If the building materials have not been adequately waterproofed, they can become water paths.

Marbec products to prevent water infiltration

To protect our surfaces from water infiltration from joints, Marbec has developed a range of specific products, ideal to prevent water from escaping from the floor when it rains. Among these, stand out insulation for water infiltration, which provide effective and durable protection.

ACQUABLOCK is a transparent waterproofing treatment ideal to prevent water infiltration. It is suitable for any type of floor and creates an effective barrier against water, avoiding absorption and preventing infiltration.

impermeabilizzare terrazzo senza togliere pavimento ACQUABLOCK | MARBEC

Strengths of ACQUABLOCK:

  • Preserve floors and coatings without dismantling them.
  • Applicable on all stone materials, maintaining the original appearance and allowing perspiration without creating surface films.
  • Consolidates de-cohesive materials and also protects cracks up to 1.5 mm wide.
  • Duration of about 10 years, with the possibility of periodic reapplication.

Surface Preparation with SGRISER

To properly prepare surfaces for sealing, it is essential to use SGRISER. This alkaline detergent/ solvent for cleaning strong degreasing agent of all stone materials opens the pore of the material, improving the penetration of waterproofing substances. 

How to use SGRISER

  • Delicate surfaces ( marble, polished cement): SGRISER must be neutralized with numerous water rinses to avoid damage.
  • Acid-resistant materials (cotto, porcelain tiles, ceramic): You can use the buffered acid descaling detergent for stone materials DELICACID or VIACEM (for cotto and terracotta)  diluted to neutralize SGRISER, reducing the number of rinses required.

How to use ACQUABLOCK 

Applying ACQUABLOCK is a quick and easy process. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Make sure the surface is dry and clean, removing dirt and debris. In case of cracks greater than 1.5 mm, putty before application.
  2. Apply the pure product to the surface using a cloth or brush, evenly covering the entire area to be treated.
  3. Cover the entire treatment area evenly and wait for the product to be absorbed.
  4. For best results, focus on joints and cracks.
  5. Wait for the product to be absorbed for 5-10 minutes.
  6. Remove the product that is not absorbed by the surface with a soft dry cloth or absorbent paper.
  7. In the case of non-absorbent materials (e.g. porcelain tiles), remove excess product before drying.
  8. Protect treated surfaces from rain for at least 24 hours.

ACQUABLOCK creates an invisible chemical barrier that drastically reduces the water absorption capacity of materials. Once applied, the water will no longer penetrate even the most porous materials or through the cracks of the tiles. Drops will quickly slide away, protecting the surface from future damage.

Practical tips for an anti-infiltration treatment

To ensure maximum effectiveness, we recommend applying a coat of ACQUABLOCK on poorly absorbent stone materials and two coats on highly absorbent stone materials. This will ensure a complete and durable protection against water infiltration.

The result will be amazing, don’t you think?

Let’s watch the videos together!

If you would like further information or need assistance in applying the waterproofing treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you protect your surfaces from harmful water infiltration. You can reach us via whatsapp at the number +393348578502 or call our fixed number 0573959848.

The products treated in the article
  • 34.47€


    Protective anti-infiltration for floors and walls in stone material. It drastically reduces the water absorption capacity, eliminates infiltrations, and aggregates the materials. It does not alter the appearance of the surfaces.

  • 7.84€


    Specific buffered acid detergent to remove cement grouts, efflorescence and limestone incrustations on stones, ceramic materials and stone materials in general.

  • 12.81€


    Wax remover for removing old oil and/or wax treatments from stone materials in cotto, stone, marble, concrete, and grit. It cleans and deeply degreases surfaces soiled with oils, greases, and biological encrustations.

  • 4.80€


    Specific strong buffered acid detergent to remove cement grouts, efflorescence and limestone encrustations on cotto and terracotta.

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