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Professional products to clean your boat and prepare it for the summer

27 May 2021

Summer is starting! Here are the right products for cleaning the boat

To clean and maintain the boat it is important to choose the right products, also based on the intended use.

From window cleaning to teak surfaces, here is a guide to the right boat cleaning solutions.

Marbec | I migliori prodotti per la pulizia delle imbarcazioni

Boat cleaning: the products to use

Cleaning the glass of the boat

To keep the glasses, mirrors and surfaces of your boat always shiny and clean it is necessary to use a product that is specific, as the surfaces of the boats are continuously exposed to atmospheric agents, salt and humidity, but at the same time delicate and respectful of surfaces.

REAL GLASS is a specific marine detergent for the ordinary cleaning of glass, mirrors, plexiglass, polished marble and ceramic coatings, stainless steel, plastic laminates and enamelled surfaces. It cleans the material perfectly, lets it shine without halos and dries quickly, without the need for rinsing.

How to use it?

Ready to use, it can be sprayed directly on the surface and cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. REAL GLASS is the right product to keep the glass of the boat shiny.

How to clean the surfaces of your boat without damaging them?

To clean the surfaces of the boats, DIAMOND BOAT is the most suitable solution. This concentrated cleaning solution helps to remove stubborn dirt that accumulates on surfaces and is very simple and convenient to use. Easy to rinse, it does not leave lines or halos, and removes dust, oily films, grease and organic residues from the surfaces, renewing their color and leaving them clean and without greasy residues. To remove extreme dirt it is applied pure, in the case of heavy dirt, 1 part of the product is diluted in 1 part of water, while for the normal deposit of dirt, 1 part is diluted in 5 parts of water.

How to use it?

DIAMOND BOAT is applied by letting it act for a few seconds (light dirt) or for a few minutes (heavy dirt). The surface is then rubbed with a sponge, soft cloth or microfiber cloth until all dirt is removed from the surface of the boat. Finally, it is rinsed with water.

MARBEC | DIAMOND BOAT 1LT Detergente nautico universale

How to remove lubricating dirt and grease from the boat?

Another frequent problem that is often encountered in boat maintenance are the halos and stains that can leave lubricating grease and dirt: how to permanently eliminate them without leaving bad memories?

POWERFUL is the marine cleaner for cleaning and removing lubricating dirt and grease and is ideal for cleaning bilges, engines, decks, hulls and fenders.

POWERFUL easily removes extreme dirt (oils, greases, diesel, lubricants and sludge) from bilges and any surface of the hull. It also has a neutralizing effect on any liquid dispersions from the battery and effectively removes residues and encrustations of algae, mold and fungi, without damaging plastic, rubber, fabrics, metals.

How to use it?

Its application for cleaning the boat depends on the degree of dirt. In the case of heavy and particularly stubborn dirt, 1 part of it is diluted in 5-10 parts, 1 part in 20-30 parts of water for a normal deposit of dirt, while for frequent washing (maintenance) 1 part of POWERFUL is diluted in 50 parts of water.

MARBEC | POWERFUL 1LT Detergente sgrassatore per oli lubrificanti e grassi

Removing limescale and salt residues is simple with Universal

Another recommended product for cleaning the boat is UNIVERSAL. It is a delicate descaling detergent that removes consistent residues of limescale, salt, rust spots and bird droppings. UNIVERSAL leaves surfaces shiny and bright, does not contain hydrochloric acid and does not fumigate or develop toxic vapors.

How to use it?

Ready to use, it can be sprayed directly on the surface or on a soft cloth/ sponge, and then left to act for a few minutes before rinsing with water.

The nautical cleaner for descaling and antioxidant cleaning: Speed90

In cleaning the boat, SPEED90, a descaling stain remover with a patina of rust, cannot be missing. As it is a nautical cleaner for descaling and antioxidant cleaning on gelcoat, stainless steel and chrome surfaces, it eliminates rust, limescale and oxidation patinas that form on the surfaces of boats as a result of their exposure to the marine environment.

How to use it?

You have to apply SPEED90 with the help of a brush or sponge and then wait 90 seconds. The surface is rubbed with a brush with nylon bristles or sponge and the operation is repeated after 90 seconds, without exceeding 10 minutes of contact of the product with the surface. After the treatment, rinse with plenty of water.

MARBEC | SPEED90 1LT smacchiatore disincrostante della patina di ruggine

The professional cream that eliminates boat rust: Luxory Metal

Polishing cream for stainless steel in marine environments, LUXORY METAL is the professional cream for cleaning the boat that eliminates rust and is suitable for polishing the stainless steel surfaces of boats, restoring shine. It is a ready-to-use product (must be shaken first), you have to pour a small amount onto a damp sponge or microfiber cloth. The surface to be polished is then rubbed for a few seconds, until a dark patina is formed, and the excess product is removed by rubbing the surface with a soft dry cloth until a brilliant shine is obtained.

The nautical cleaner that eliminates mold, smog, salt and excrement: Vela Bianca

If you own a beautiful sailing boat, VELA BIANCA will be your faithful companion: this effective nautical cleaner quickly eliminates mold, smog, salt and excrement from the sails of the boats, restoring them to their original color and brilliance.

How to use it?

Once sprayed on the surface to be treated, wait a few minutes. At that point, the surface is rubbed with a sponge or nylon brush until the dirt is completely removed, then rinsed with water.

VELA BIANCA is a cleaner specifically formulated for the professional needs of sailors and does not weaken the fibers or spoil the colors of the sails.

Protection and water repellency for your dinghy: Reflex

Cross and delight of boats, water is the most important and at the same time the most insidious element for the maintenance of dinghies, but don’t worry!

REFLEX is the perfect shield for your vehicle! Consisting of a highly resistant micro-layer that gives the surface of the treated dinghies greater water repellency and dirt protection, Reflex is the anti-degradation and anti-dirt finish designed specifically for dinghies.

How to use it?

After cleaning the surface by removing the dirt with DIAMOND BOAT (if necessary), apply REFLEX with a sponge (on the surfaces), soft cloth / fleece spreader (on tubulars) or brush (on rough surfaces), wetting with a thin and uniform layer the surface, avoiding excesses and sagging. It dries quickly in 20-30 minutes, does not require polishing and only one coat of product is sufficient. In case of deterioration, a second coat can be given.

Reflex smacchiatore

Stains and encrustations on your boat? We have the answer for you!

DELUXE TEAK, a specific stain remover for boat decks and teak surfaces, removes aging patinas, biological encrustations of marine origin and salt, without having to sand, restoring the wood to its original state.

How to use it?

The product is applied with a brush, cloth or sponge, thoroughly wetting the surface and keeping it wet for 20-30 minutes. Then rub DELUXE TEAK with medium hard buffers (eg TAMPONE BLU) or nylon brushes, following the grain of the wood. Finally, rinse with plenty of water and let it dry, repeating the application if necessary.

Marbec - DELUXE TEAK 5LT | Smacchiatore nautico specifico per ponti barca e superfici in teak

The protective impregnating agent and the oil-wax impregnating agent for the external surfaces of the boat

For teak boat decks, TEAK UP is the suitable protective impregnating agent, water-repellent in aqueous emulsion without solvents for the anti-degradation treatment of teak placed in a marine environment. The product can be applied with a brush or sponge, evenly wetting the surface of the wood. It dries quickly (30-60 min.) and the second coat of the product can be applied immediately.

Oily-waxy impregnating agent for boat decks and teak surfaces, KING TEAK revives wood exposed in the marine environment. It is applied with a brush, wetting the wood evenly, following its absorption, without leaving excesses. After 20-30 minutes, any excess of non-absorbed product is dabbed by rubbing the surface with a soft cloth / brush / soft brush, while a second coat can be applied as soon as the first is dry (12-24 hours).

After 2-3 months it is advisable to inspect the treated surface and, if necessary, apply a new coat of KING TEAK as described above in order to protect any cracks and saturate the wood again.

impregnante barche

Are you ready to set sail?

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