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How to tidy up the house: let’s start with the kitchen

16 March 2021

Did you know that a clean and tidy home benefits our well-being?
Yes, we’re not kidding, that’s right.
Many lines of thought and many researches focus on this important theory and therefore today,
for our sake and yours, we show you all the ways on how to tidy up your home in the right way.
Before we begin, let’s try to understand specifically what benefits our order can bring to the mind and body and why.

Tidying up your home: why is it so important?

Have you ever heard of the art of tidying up?
Well, this is precisely the key from which to start to understand all the benefits that a tidy and clean home can give.
Many studies claim that being surrounded by the chaos of a room has unpleasant consequences on mood and our physical state.

Cleanliness and tidiness, on the other hand, would be essential to achieve serenity and inner balance.
Peace of mind is a “small” but central element that is built day after day,
brick by brick and order and cleanliness are, according to many, fundamental elements to achieve it.

According to the world’s most famous supporter of the art of tidying up, Marie Kondo,
life would only really begin after putting the house in order.
Ordering your home would help, according to the Japanese guru, to tidy up your life:
clarify your thoughts, clear your mind, put ideas in order and overcome the most problematic situations.
The physical order would produce order and a feeling of calm in our mind.
In other words, living in an orderly space would make us feel more relaxed and organized.
Freeing and ordering the house would therefore help our mind to focus on things to do without wasting unnecessary energy in finding the key to the problem.
And it goes without saying that a house, in addition to being tidy, must also be clean to be a real hearth of well-being.
At this point it is necessary to find out how to tidy up the house and then how to clean it, let’s never forget that!

 how to tidy up the house

Where to start to tidy up the house? We start with the kitchen!

Today to understand where to start to tidy up the house we will use useful tips and tricks
suggested by the famous Marie Kondo and we will start from one of the most used rooms in the house: the kitchen.
In this room usually a lot of objects are kept over the years, thinking they can be useful,
until the crammed pantries “overflow”.

According to the Konmari method, it is certainly not the dishes and glasses we use every day that occupy a lot of space in the kitchen, but those objects, mentioned above, that we accumulate and we never use.
Bowls, containers, jars and much more, which we keep years after years as a souvenir or
because maybe one day we might need it.
It is they that we should “eliminate” to make room.
Marie Kondo recommends making a selection of utensils to keep on hand every day in the kitchen and
of those we could get rid of and that we could put away elsewhere or give a new life.

Doing so would increase the space available to us, archive stress and free our creativity.

Once you have discovered how to tidy up your house, be it the pantry, the stove, the oven in the kitchen,
let’s remember to always clean every surface.

For cleaning we must not rely on any guru because we are modestly the experts in cleaning.
So let’s start in order to list the best products for a deep and professional cleaning of the components of our kitchen:

  • to clean areas prone to grease such as hobs, tables, refrigerators, hoods,
    the ideal product is PULI ECO, a sanitizing spray for surfaces.
    It easily cleans and breaks down greasy residues from steel, aluminum, glass, tiles, wood, marble and stone materials in general.

    how to tidy up the house
    Hypoallergenic ecological universal sanitizing degreasing detergent.

  • To clean the oven and hobs, we recommend that you use this practical and wonderful product
    PULI FUMO, a detergent for the ordinary cleaning of kitchen ovens, barbecues, glass of fireplaces and stoves, pots and oven dishes.
    It easily cleans and breaks down carbon residues, greasy substances, soot and carbon black from surfaces.
  • For the extraordinary cleaning of kitchen ovens and barbecues, but also of heavily encrusted kitchen tops, pots and pans,
    we recommend PULI FUMO, strong descaling product in gel.
    It is used pure by spreading it on the surface with paper or plastic fiber brush and it is left to act for at least 20-30 minutes. Subsequently, the product is removed from the surface and rubbed with a kitchen sponge. Finally it is rinsed.
    how to tidy up the house
    Strong sanitizing cleaner for kitchen ovens and barbecues.
    • For steel sinks, appliances, hobs and kitchens, we recommend CREAM INOX, a specific cream that cleans, degreases and polishes surfaces opacified by use, restoring the material to its original appearance.
    how to tidy up the house
    Concentrated cream specific for stainless steel and aluminum.

    We are sure that once the tidying up and cleaning is finished, your kitchen will bring you daily and delicious benefits.

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