The best work of the month

Venetian floor: sanding and cleaning

9 April 2021

The best job of the month takes us to the beautiful and green Tuscany.
And it is precisely green that is the predominant color of the beautiful and fascinating place that is the protagonist of today’s intervention,
the Botanical Garden at the Grand Duke’s Palace in Pisa.

Founded in 1543, the one in Pisa is the first university botanical garden in the world.

Originally built on the banks of the Arno river, it was moved to its current location in 1591 and
then gradually expanded up to the current extension of about two hectares to host plants from the five continents.

The best job of the month leads us to visit some of the interior rooms of this fascinating and important place, where the protagonists of the interesting intervention are located, a Venetian floor.

What is the Venetian floor?

This famous and ancient processing technique has crossed centuries and has been used
to decorate some of the most beautiful buildings in Italy.
Also called beaten, mosaic or grit, the seminato technique is the result of a long artisan tradition
dating back to Roman times.

The Venetian floor is mainly composed of marble grits and stones,
linked by pebble lime or cement mixed with fine grit and cocciopesto.

The attention to materials and perfect technique give infinite designs and colors and
it is precisely this aspect that makes this Venetian floor a true “unique piece”.

And it is precisely to recover a unique piece that the specialized craftsmen of the RenovoArt company,
a group that boasts decades of experience in the restoration and construction of works in precious metals and stones, were called to intervene on this marvelous surface.

Venetian floor: intervention phases

As a first step, the talented artisans, specialized in polishing and treating of the internal and external marble surfaces, thoroughly washed the surface with SGRISER,
an alkaline detergent / solvent for the strong degreasing dewaxing washing on all stone materials:
cotto, stone, glazed ceramic, klinker, porcelain floor tiles, concrete, grit, etc.


After the deep and intense washing, the Venetian floor was sanded with diamond discs to the extent permitted.
To protect it from stains and wear of time it was then treated with GUARD,
an oil-repellent protective product specific for compact and poorly absorbent stone materials:
marble, granite, polished and smoothed cement agglomerates placed indoors and outdoors.

Stain protection for compact, not very absorbent stones.

Finally, as requested by the customer, a semi-glossy finish was performed with IDROFIN LUCIDO,
an anti-dirt and wear-resistant finish with low film coating for absorbent stone materials placed inside: cotto, absorbent natural stone, concrete.

Wear-resistant, dirt-repellent glossy finish for stone materials.

The product was spread with a soft cloth until the surface was evenly wet without excess.
Once dried, the second coat was applied.

The fantastic result is visible to the naked eye.



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