The best work of the month

The best job of the month: renovating an oiled parquet floor

22 April 2021

It is in Tuscany, to be precise in Prato, where the best job of the month takes us, where the Easy Parket company has restructured an oiled parquet floor.

With spring and the first warm days, our desire to travel begins to be a lot.

But if we still don’t know when we will finally be able to pack our suitcase to go to new destinations, there is a journey that we can take as many times as we want: the one of history. This month with our virtual machine we go back and forward in time, starting from 4,000 BC, when in northern Europe there were already the first houses with floors made of wooden boards.

Over the centuries, Sweden, Finland and Norway were the places of greatest spread of the future parquet, whose official date of birth is traced back to 1534, the year in which the architect Jules Menard created a wooden floor for King Francis I. In Italy, parquet began to spread in the fourteenth century and, in particular, in Tuscany.

And it is precisely in Tuscany, to be precise in Prato, that brings us the best job of the month, where the Easy Parket company has provided for the renovation of an oiled parquet floor.

Oiled parquet floor renovation: phases

The oiled parquet floor, before the intervention, had a greasy, dirty and scratched surface, due to the formation of a sticky film that had begun to incorporate the dirt. These consequences were caused by poor maintenance over time, during which the impregnating oil was applied too often, rather than annually.

Restoration of oiled oak wood floor

To renovate this oiled parquet floor from the damage of bad maintenance, the artisans of the Easy Parket company started with a first degreasing wash with UNIPUL detergent to remove the superfluous blackened dirt.

Parquet restoration

Subsequently, an intervention was performed to degrease the surface and remove excess oil with AGRUMOIL, a degreasing diluent for wood in d-limonene.

renovate oiled parquet

Once the surface was cleaned, dry and degreased uniformly, the artisans applied a coat of OLIO TECNO, a fast drying solvent-based oily-waxy impregnating agent, with a single brush machine and used the WHITE DISC, suitable for cleaning and polishing the surfaces, in order to re-impregnate the wooden floor evenly and in the right amount.

Oiled parquet products

Finally, once the OLIO TECNO  has dried, BIOTOP, an anti-dirt and anti-wear finisher for wood, was applied to protect the base treatment.

The intervention allowed the oiled parquet floor to shine again, thanks to the extraordinary work of the Easy Parket company.

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