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Cleaning cotto: how to make a floor shine again

20 April 2021

Are you curious to find out where we have been to clean cotto this time? Today’s article
takes us to visit one of the most characteristic and fascinating islands of the French territory, Corsica,
better known as the island of beauty for its sublime landscapes surrounded by red cliffs,
sandy beaches, small coves and promontories, which together with its crystal clear water, make it unique and invite tourists to have relaxing walks in nature.

In the southern tip of Corsica, on the western side, stands the town of Porto Vecchio, a village of Genoese origin
which over time has turned into a pretty tourist town very attractive for amateurs of the nightlife and
of the sea. In fact, a few kilometers from the town there are some of the most beautiful and renowned beaches of Corsica.

Marbec | clean cotto in Corsica

And it is precisely in Porto Vecchio that the work we are going to talk about was carried out, the protagonist of which is a floor
in cotto of a well-known palace of the citadel: we will then discover how to perfectly clean cotto.

Let’s find out more about the Sarl Fancellu Nettoie 2000 company

The surface has been cleaned and treated entirely with Marbec products and, thanks to the excellent craftsmen of the company
Sarl Fancellu Nettoie 2000, has recovered its original brilliance.

It is a family-run business, with thirty years of experience in the cleaning sector, in particular
in the treatment of cotto, stone materials and stones, which has nurtured a collaboration with Marbec for more than 15 years.
Founded in 1987 in Porto Vecchio, it is based in the town, but carries out works throughout the island; in fact, it is considered
one of the most experienced companies in the sector of the whole territory. In particular, thanks to the professionalism of his
founder Sauveur Fancellu, it even carried out maintenance works on the major resorts in the area. After a
long training course with qualified Marbec technicians, Mr. Fancellu passed on his experience to his sons,
who currently manage the company specialized in cleaning, recovery, treatment and sanding
of the floors.

This time, the artisans of the Fancellu company will offer us some useful advice on how to clean the cotto and keep its beauty intact

Treating this type of flooring is not something for everyone: the risk of irreparably damaging the cotto floors by using
unsuitable products is on the agenda, and therefore it is necessary to resort to the best specialists in the sector to let
them intervene to ensure a perfect result to our floors.

Why cleaning cotto?

Cotto, as they say, is a pearl among the cladding materials and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.
Obtained from an ancient clay firing treatment, thanks to its peculiar characteristics, it gives warmth and charm
to the places on which it is placed, and this gives it a strong versatility.

Despite being endowed with good durability and resistance to attacks from atmospheric agents and to the action of chemicals,
its weak point, due to its porous surface, is the absorption of liquids. But don’t worry! Through
specific treatments to maintain its integrity and cleaning interventions, this problem will remain only a distant memory.

Let’s find out in detail the work that the experts of the Fancellu company have carried out to clean the cotto
and to maintain its properties over time.

Cotto cleaning: phases

In today’s work we speak of an ancient hexagonal cotto with a now deteriorated oil treatment in patches.
The intervention involves a total de-waxing of the surface in order to remove the old treatment and restore it.
The skilled craftsmen of the Fancellu company, knowing the characteristics of the material well, have resorted to
professional products Marbec, relying on their effectiveness.

Marbec | how to clean cotto

Dewaxing cotto

In a first step, the SGRISER product, a wax remover for stone materials in cotto, stone, cement and grit, was applied over the entire surface and was left to act for 30 minutes.

Marbec SGRISER 1LT | strong de-waxing detergent for stone materials
Strong wax remover for stone materials.

This product was given pure and dissolved the old treatment, with the aid of a single disc machine and the BROWN DISC,
an accessory that helps to combine the chemical action of the product with the mechanical action of rubbing.

Brown disc for single disc machine 432MM Marbec | High Aggression

Marbec | how to clean cotto in Corsica

Cleaning cotto

Subsequently, a cleaning was performed to definitively remove the residues that appeared in the previous phase with VIACEM,
a strong acid descaling detergent for cotto and terracotta. The technicians, after diluting one part of the product in two
parts of water, spread it over the entire surface, rubbing with the aid of the single disc machine and
BROWN DISC, and removing, through a wet vacuum cleaner, the product and the surface dirt. Finally, by
the single disc machine and the nylon disc, they rinsed with plenty of water and aspired the liquid.

Marbec VIACEM 1LT | strong acid descaling detergent for cotto and terracotta.
Strong acid descaling detergent for cotto and terracotta.

After this phase, the cotto floor appeared stained and clean and the surface showed again its own
original features.

Marbec | how to clean cotto in Corsica

Protecting cotto

Once the surface has been completely cleaned and dewaxed, to give tone and stain protection to the material,
the oily-waxy toning impregnating product for stone materials PALLADIUM was applied with the help of
the single disc machine and the white disc, in order to protect cotto from stains and enhance its color.

Marbec PALLADIUM 1LT | Oil-waxy toning impregnating agent for stone materials
Oil-waxy toning impregnating agent for stone materials


Disco bianco per monospazzola Marbec 432mm| Nessuna Aggressività

Marbec | how to clean cotto in Corsica

As a last step, the skilled artisans gave a coat of IDROFIN MATT product, a dirt-repellent opaque finish and anti-wear for stone materials, to add further protection to the aesthetic characteristics and facilitate the maintenance over time.

MARBEC | IDROFIN MATT 1lt Anti-dirt, anti-wear matt finish for stone materials
Anti-dirt, anti-wear matt finish for stone materials


At the end of the treatment, the beautiful and uniform floor has been finally back to shine and glow as before and has recovered
the aesthetic beauty of the material.

Marbec | how to clean cotto in Corsica

If you also need to clean cotto, contact us immediately and ask for a free quote. Hurry up!


Click here and look at the portfolio of the works carried out by Sarl Fancellu Nettoie 2000

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