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A fantastic post-construction parquet maintenance

15 February 2021

Let us tell you, wood is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and elegant materials that exists.
A parquet floor inevitably makes an environment warm and welcoming.

The beauty and versatility of this gorgeous material are undoubtedly its main features, which make
everyone madly fall in love with him.
A parquet floor gives the whole room a comfortable, refined and classy appearance. Moreover,
thanks to the different veins and colors that change from strip to strip, one flooring is never identical to another.


At the same time, the passing of the days makes it somehow even more particular and original.
Being a “living” material, wood begins to adapt and dialogue with the environment that surrounds it just after installation, taking on its characteristics and giving in turn unique features.
We can therefore say that parquet is a bit like wine, the older it gets, the “best” it becomes.
This beauty obviously must be preserved and maintained with particular precautions,
this is why parquet cleaning and maintenance are two fundamental aspects that should never be underestimated.
Today with the help of our dear friend from “Legno che passione” we will discover a beautiful intervention of
parquet maintenance carried out on the flooring of his newly restored house.

Thanks to his skill and the effectiveness of Marbec products,
our dear friend has brought to light the original beauty of this wonderful surface.
Antonio, a true lover of wood, has decided not to have the parquet polished by the parquet flooring fitter
because he wanted to keep the lived effect, the signs of aging which, if we think about it,
make this type of flooring even more fascinating.
Let’s not waste any more time and discover in the Tutorial all the simple steps that led to an incredible result.

An extraordinary parquet maintenance

Antonio intervened on a fifteen-year-old, slightly worn and partly painted parquet.
First of all, the dust and post-construction cement residues were swept away and then an extraordinary parquet maintenance was carried out:
a deep washing to eliminate all the marks that the construction inevitably leaves.

Once the dust was removed, PULIBRILL was used for a deep washing,
a concentrated neutral ph rinse aid cleaner specific for cleaning wooden surfaces.
This practical product cleanses, sanitizes and can be used for both ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of wood
according to the level of dilution in water.

Concentrated sanitizing detergent for wooden floors.

Once the parquet was cleaned, our expert friend performed the finishing of the wood,
making use of the valuable help of LIGNOLIFE, a resin-wax emulsion based on carnauba, specific for the protection and restoration of glossy painted wood surfaces.

Protective finish to restore the glossy painted parquet.

To revive the dull parquet, restart the painting and eliminate micro-scratches,
two coats of protective finish were applied simply with a microfibre cloth.
The result of the parquet maintenance was amazing.

Ordinary parquet maintenance

Once the works and the extraordinary maintenance are finished, let’s always remember the ordinary one too.
In fact, to maintain the beauty achieved, every day we eliminate the dust using a vacuum cleaner with a suitable spatula or
electrostatic microfibre cloths that attract dust.
Let’s avoid steam.
We never use foamy and aggressive products to wash the surface,
let’s always rely on specific and professional products such as Marbec ones.
Another fundamental thing, washing is always done with well-squeezed cloths.

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