This artisan enterprise, operating throughout Italy but especially in Tuscany, is specialized in the recovery of different surfaces.

  • The cleaning and recovery of porcelain tiles surfaces is one of the company’s main competences. Thanks to their experience and the specific techniques used, they are able to return to the floor its original beauty. Extraordinary cleaning includes the removal of stubborn stains, the elimination of dirt accumulated over time and the restoration of the natural luster of the material.
  • Punto Service is also specialized in the treatment of cotto floors. Cotto is a material much appreciated for its rustic beauty but requires specific care to keep it always at its best. The company performs the recovery of cotto through a careful process that includes deep cleaning of the material and the application of protective treatments to preserve its original appearance over time.
  • The company also takes care of the recovery and treatment of various surfaces, including stone, grit, tiles, palladian and terrazzo floors, to ensure that these surfaces retain their original appearance and resist wear over time.
  • As for stone floors, they have specific skills in the treatment of different types of natural stones such as marble, grit and granite. They use sanding and polishing techniques to remove scratches, stains and signs of use from the surface, with the aim of restoring the elegant and shiny appearance of marble or natural stone.
  • Another of the fundamental roles of the company Punto Service is the removal of graffiti. Knowing how important it is to keep buildings and structures clean and free from unwanted graffiti and using specialized techniques and high-quality products, they are able to remove graffiti effectively without damaging the underlying surface.
  • Finally, in addition to the removal of graffiti, they also deal with the recovery of historic buildings and villas. Using traditional methods combined with modern technologies, they are able to carry out restoration works that respect the integrity of the building and enhance its original beauty.

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